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Bank accounts in the United States are very common nowadays for people living outside the US. In many cases, US bank accounts are necessary in order to work with the US global market. With a US bank account you can receive and send payments quickly and at low cost within the United States of America. If you want to start a serious business and approach the US market, you will need to have a US bank account. Also for eBay and Paypal, US bank accounts are the best solution for quick and professional online business.
Savings account - An FDIC insured savings account that offers competitive interest rates on low account balances. a great option for first-time savers or anyone who wants convenient access to their money while it earns interest.

Checking account - An FDIC insured checking account that offers competitive transactions fees and professional daily account management service for clients world wide. Note that initial deposit for that account type is 100 USD.
After September 11 and the laws promulgated in the US Patriot Act, opening a US bank account as a non US resident became almost impossible. Here you have found a simple solution for non US residents to easily open a US Bank Account.

Declaring taxes is something you must do in USA. If you are a non resident and you running a business in the United States you must report your profits. Also as an individual, IRS requires you to report any profit you are making and it is not recommended not to follow these taxation rules.
Why a US based bank account?
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United States Bank Package - How to open a US bank account online
You can get your own checkbooks and write checks
Free Visa ATM card (Debit Card) available
Withdraw money from your paypal
No monthly maintenance charge or service fees
Small initial deposit
No monthly minimum balance
Secured and encrypted online banking 24 hours
You can deposit only USD checks
Stocks market and Forex trading is available
Incoming Wire transfers are free
This bank is listed on the New York Stocks Exchange (NYSE)
Only ₤99.00
Pay Safely

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